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Playlist for October, 2010 / Alice In Chains.

Saturday, October 30th, 2010

Term One of an MBA doesn’t exactly breed an environment to fully enjoy blastbeatgrindcore.

This is strongly reflected by the following dulcet tones which have filled my month.

  • PJ Harvey & John Parish – A Man A Woman Walked By.
  • Russian Circles – Geneva.
  • Múm – Finally We Are No One.
  • Pitman – It Takes A Nation Of Tossers.
  • *Hanin Elias – To Stay With Me (raw cut / unreleased)

* This is an amazing track from an amazing woman. I first heard it two, or maybe three years ago? I can not explain how stoked I am to finally see this be released in the coming months.

Last week, I got to escape university for 3 hours & watch my pick for Band Of The Year perform at a Sold Out show in London. I liken a Crystal Castles gig to watching a finely crafted luxury car being written off in slow motion. Maybe not tonight, tomorrow or next week, but through either design or default, I can see only one credible ending for this, & it’s not good.

They nailed it live, but I have doubts as to how it will carry at BDO next year. If you’re not in the first ten rows, I’m thinking you’ll probably miss the point & say they suck arse. My advise; If you love the album as much as everyone else, prepare to get the shit kicked out of you & get down the front. Then you too, can have a relived-youth “Alice touched my left hand! I’m never washing again!!” moment.

I’ll do a decent post soon. I’m k-k-kinda busy.

Friday, October 22nd, 2010

Happy Birthday John.

Friday, October 8th, 2010