In principle, this blog will be loosely structured around my global travels and three of my passions…

In the world of Professional Services, it is rare for business people to show much (if any) passion from their individual personality, as it is usually construed as being unprofessional or a weakness of character. I have chosen to challenge the stereotype of the Working Professional… and I know I’m not alone.

As the class of Gen X & Y Business Leaders come up through the ranks, I believe there will be a fundamental shift of how these new leaders will perceive, and be perceived. The asset of ‘Professional Uniqueness’ will begin to gain value in the business world as the idea of the ‘Traditional Suit’ fades away.  Where that uniqueness comes from is up to the individual, but I have little doubt that professional uniqueness will become a valuable asset unto itself. Consumers today can get their business from anywhere, but I believe it’s the people behind the business who chose to engage the consumer that will truly be the people behind tomorrow’s successful businesses… and hey, who wants’ to be engaged by a douche bag??      Am I not a douche bag?

Enjoy Cox. Enjoy.