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Say the right things when electioneering.

Friday, August 20th, 2010

The Australian federal election is tomorrow. In a not-so-bizarre twist, Uncle Tony’s gone loopy(er).

No Voter is safe!!

Tomorrow, don’t vote Labor just because they have a female leader. Don’t vote Coalition just because Tony fills out a pair of Speedos quite strikingly. Don’t vote Green just because of this guy’s hat. For god’s sake, use your brain and make your own informed decision. As long as you do this, I won’t lecture you. And most importantly, don’t forget to buy your obligatory Sausage & Bread on the way out and show your support for the Dolphins Under 13 Netball Team.

While we’re on the subject of politics, Wyclef Jean has been scratched as a candidate for the upcoming Haitian presidential elections. Therefore, I now encourage you to join me in endorsing my main man, Basil Marceaux as the next governor of Tennessee…

At least Marceaux can say what he stands for in under 60 seconds, which is a hell of a lot more than I can say for Julz or Tone. Can you imagine either of the two leaders looking down the barrel of a camera and telling the Australian public in under a minute what they are going to do if elected?

Me neither.