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Tu non sei buono. Bebè, tu non sei buono.

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

Hello from Olbia, Italy.

A year of academia now concludes with this…

This place is beautiful. Great beaches, awesome food, Fiat Panda burnouts, brilliant coffee, and GelatoBurgers!!!

Today also saw S&P downgrade Italy’s sovereign credit rating. People here are nervous to say the least. In speaking with one particular lady, locals were very thankful for all the infrastructure which had been dropped into Sardinia since joining the euro, but now that are all like “WTF?” about having to service the bill. So far, I have not come across anyone here who is an advocate of Silvio Berlusconi. Actually, there is a sizeable push for the island to become its own separate sovereign state. Regardless of his commendable taste in women, Berlusconi looks to be a rabbit in the headlights of the eurocrisis. Greek Prime Minister Papandreou almost lost his head. Both Prime Ministers Sócrates and Zapatero took the hit for Portugal and Spain respectively.  If Italy’s treasury bonds spike for any length of time, I think either Rome will burn or Berlusconi will be hung.

Respectfully, I call “shotgun” on his little black book. These people will need help once this is over, and I am an excellent listener.

The Guns Of Brixton.

Wednesday, September 8th, 2010

Giddy Up!

Anyone who vaguely knows me would know that one of my main weaknesses in life is a good gig (or even a shit one for that matter). Given that I’m about to become a student & I’m now living on my good wife’s income, this will be one of a very limited number of music events I will be attending for the coming 12 months. Tonight I cracked the seal for London concerts with Fever Ray at The Brixton Academy, which was brainmelting!! For those of you as young as I, we may associate this legendary live music venue directly with the Faith No More’s You Fat Bastards VHS now of 20 (urgh) years ago.  If not, then I urge you to check it out, as in my opinion it contains the best version of The Real Thing ever documented (and it taught me how rad this killer venue really was)!

The P.A in this place is amazing! The bottom end shook the brass rivets out of my jacket! It sounded like an A380 screaming in my head, yet my ears aren’t ringing? Impressive! The sound in this room shits on pretty much every live music venue in Australia (including the Opera House), and to see a band like Fever Ray (not to be confused with this fuckbag)  put the system through its paces was truly an awesome live music experience. If you’re not familiar with Fever Ray’s self titled album of last year, get familiar! It was my pick for Best Release of 2009, and really deserves more coverage than it has received to date. Ch.. Ch.. Check It.

In other news; I had a lovely walk through Hyde Park today. (I was lost).

During my gentle stroll, I purchased a surprisingly good cup of coffee and paused for a while to watch a crow so fat that he couldn’t take off.

That is all.

Promise not to stop when I say… FRESH POTS!!

Saturday, April 10th, 2010

What’s Cooler than being cool?

Wednesday, February 24th, 2010

It’s -41° here.   Do you really know what that feels like?   MINUS 41°!!

Russian winter is brutal. Being outside in this feels like consistently getting hit in the back of the head really hard by a maori bouncer, and I’m sure they use this fact to to jam a friendly foreigner looking to escape the pain 540 Rubles for a cup of coffee!! I can indeed confirm that Moscow IS the most expensive city on earth, but their coffee is a lifesaver!