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We’ll DO IT LIVE!! (Part #1)

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

Over the coming how ever long, I am going to randomly post ‘chunks’ of what for me are the best songs I’ve ever seen performed live, just because I want to… which is fair enough really, being my blog and all.

Sigur Rós – Popplagið. This track would have to be in the top three best performances I’ve ever witnessed. This is what I imagine dying sounds like. Epicnesss beyond explanation. Buy their albums.

Faith No More – Malpractice. Waaay back in ‘92, Angeldust was my favourite album… and seeing Malpractice performed live was the single most relentless, aggressive and crushing execution of a track I’d ever witnessed. I have been firmly based in Team Patton for 20yrs+, but seeing Angeldust live has always stood head & shoulders above anything else FMN & related Patton subsidiaries turned out (well, maybe excluding this). The footage above is their first gig back after a 11yr hiatus, and thankfully, Malpractice (01:02:00) was well represented. This is the full set of their comeback show. Drink caffeine, and enjoy.

PJ Harvey – Rid Of Me. Serendipity. With two cancelled Australian tours, I (an uber-brutal PJ fanatic to put it mildly) impatiently waited almost 10 years before I got not only to see her play, but tour with her on the Big Day Out festival for 2001. I sat side of stage for a number of her performances, and with each set, I ended up a broken man, curled up underneath a soundboard blubbering uncontrollably at the sheer volume of talent that a single person can possess. For a solo artist to hold a 60,000 strong crowd (who are there to see Limp Bizkit) in broad daylight is truly a skill. The woman is a god… and for good reason.

Slayer – Raining Blood. The first time you see Slayer live, you remember it. And when you remember it, you remember this.

Björk- Thunderbolt. I don’t really now what to say here apart that I have a bais towards this artist, because I love her! But there is a reason why this is so. Biophilia IS the best show I have seen in the last ten years. I remember first seeing her at a festival 18 years ago playing right before The Ramones. She was brilliant then (as were The Ramones), but to watch her evolve through a body of incredible work to now successfully tackle (and nail) a project as wide and deep as Biophilia, is truly awesome.