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Fight The Powers That Be.

Sunday, November 6th, 2011

How to win friends and that’s about it.

Friday, July 2nd, 2010

Like this isn’t going to make money.

Young Mark Zuckerberg has an interesting background when it comes to his little business. So much so that David Fincher (FightClub / Se7en) has seen fit to bring us The Social Network, à la ‘FaceBook, The Movie’. Now, I’m not really a movie buff, but having looked into who’s actually involved in this film, I have pretty high expectations for this to kick some serious arse (in both quality, and success)… and I’m sure Mark is in there for a slice of the box office, and good on him! It’s his beast, not yours. You just feed it! Everyone craves a good Love/Hate story, and more so when the lead has the legal right to release a coffee table book of all your deleted photos. It’s been a while since the last good business movie (Glengarry Glen Ross), but I’m thinking this could end up being Gen Y’s ‘Wall Street’.

N.B: I called this three months before release date.

Oh. Did I mention it’s a Trent Reznor soundtrack?