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Holiday In Cambodia

Monday, June 7th, 2010

Nothing brings newlyweds together quite like a trip to the Killing Fields.

Cambodia would have to be one of the cooler places I’ve been. The people here are amazing, their culture is beautiful (not too westernized… yet), and you can see the country is gearing up. Everywhere you look, there is construction, infrastructure & commerce on the move. Although it’s still early days, the seeds are being sown… and the crop should be exciting!

Of all the places I’ve been in the last few years, I consider Cambodia to be ‘Opportunity Central’. In terms of global business, I believe the next few decades will see the steady emergence of the developing world as ‘the place to be’. The B.R.I.C countries get most of the press in this area, but there are many other places on the planet that are hot on their heels which don’t get the media coverage they deserve. Cambodia is a country I’d be happy to set up shop in.

You can also fire a Rocket Launcher in thongs here.