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The Times They Are a-Changin’

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Happy Reporting Season!

[ Brokers with hands on their faces blog ]

In other news, it’s been a decent six months for new tunes. Highlights for me so far have been Options Paralysis, Meridional, HTDA, Daughters and with the little I’ve heard of the new Grinderman album, this too should be a strong release. But without a doubt, Crystal Castles II has received the highest rotation in my lounge / car / pc / office /mobile / laptop / iPod(s) / brain. If you have yet to give it a listen, do yourself a favour and go buy a copy. It sounds AMAZING on vinyl, and I’m thinking it will take one hell of an album to knock this off for my album of the year.

Shock! Atari Teenage Riot are back (& they’ve brought their iPhone app)!! This is a good thing. I like ATR heaps, and I firmly believe that there’s a place for this band at the front of the class. Although they (& I) are now ten years older, I’m sure they could still convince me to throw half a brick through a Bank’s front window if they asked me the right way. I’m rarely talked into anything, so band that possesses such influence needs to be respected! And while we are talking influence, the most important piece of music news in recent times is that Tom Ayara has returned from his back surgery (the world breaths a sigh of relief) & is back his desk giving tomorrow’s leaders the vision they need.

Thank god.

Smells like teen something something.

Saturday, July 17th, 2010

Unless you’re in the Klan, who doesn’t like this guy??

It’s been awhile since I’ve seen a worthy piece of kick arse viral marketing. Most of us have had the pleasure of seeing the killer Old Spice advert doing the rounds of the Interwebs over the last six months. The owners of Old Spice (Procter & Gamble Co) have seized on the popularity of the original advert, and have gone forth to release more than a handful of supporting videos over the last few days to capitalise on their good thing. There is now over 180 Old Spice Guy clips out there! As of today, these adverts account for eight of the top eleven most popular videos on YouTube.

Marketing agency Wieden+Kennedy’s “Smell Like A Man” campaign has been executed flawlessly. They’ve used this medium to engage the viewer as opposed to selling at the viewer. When was the last time you took enough notice of an advert in a newspaper to actually remember it?? I read a newspaper this morning and I couldn’t tell you a single product advertised, (let alone seeing LL Cool J having a fail swing for the Old Spice crown).

So most print is on the way out, and when adverts come on the television I’m usually at the fridge…
But when I’m in front of my monitor, they’ve got me! (Just like I’ve got you now). We (the next 50 years of consumers) have grown up with the internet in our youth, which just reconfirms that this is the future of quality marketing.

In other news, Ginger is about to call an Australian election in the next 10 minutes, and the new Norma Jean album is fucking amazing.