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Die… D, D, D, D, Die… D, D, D, D, Die…

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

In two hours, this man will loose his job.

I would like to take this opportunity to say some words about Kevin, and what I will say is this:

  1. I wish Kevin my deepest & sincerest “Eat Shit”. As ‘Savior of the New Australia’, he will not even see out a full term. I wonder why?
  2. The ETS is flawed. Trading carbon is NOT the way to address our carbon footprint. The rest of the world knows this. Why don’t we?
  3. Half the Economy is over stimulated while the the other half goes broke. Thanks for the $900. It went a long way towards my Taiwanese television.
  4. How’s that aboriginal housing plan coming along? You’ve built 2.4 dwellings now? Good for you Mate, good for you.
  5. Australia’s Immigration policy is an abhorrent failure. I could start a new blog on this topic alone.
  6. Why are we still at war again??
  7. The 2020 Summit just became an academic circle jerk. A good idea, poorly executed… and where’s the report now anyway?
  8. The Mining Super Profits Tax is the worst idea in Australian taxation history. Get treasury to ‘THINK’ (now there’s a novel idea).
  9. Thanks for the deficit, DoucheNozzle!

At least Kev should now have fun in Canada… He will be warmly welcomed by their export minister.

But in fairness, Kevin’s not all bad. He did deliver better funding for Australian healthcare (ex W.A), a universal paid parental scheme, more school buildings and a very overdue apology to the Stolen Generation. All very important agendas, but unfortunately for him, the failures outweigh the successes 5:1. It’s simple to identify where he went wrong. He fell into the #1 business trap… he went in too hard, over promised and under delivered… and now it’s going to cost him his scalp.

Now, I just hope Ginger uses her brain. I think she will. Julia Gillard will be the voice of reason the people need to hear. Believable objectives with achievable outcomes will be the order, and if she plays it calm, the election will be a landslide.

But even if she drops the ball, what’s the worst that can happen?

Remember, Tony Abbott is indeed God’s gift to Labor.