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Tears dry on their own.

Friday, August 5th, 2011

This isn’t good.

I have a reasonable assumption on how Amy Winehouse will be judged in the months and years to come, but from my prospective, this is a painfully massive loss. In a time where contemporary art is really struggling for artists which combine both depth and scope with maturity and style to actually reach people, the passing of such an amazing talent with so much promise this young is just heartbreaking.

The media and internet are quickly filling up with tributes to this incredibly gifted woman, including this very well written blog entry from Russell Brand. Having such a strong infatuation for a person I who never met, as small as it may have been, I too, felt no other choice than to also throw my hat in the ring. I copped a lot of shit for wearing this to a party only days after her death, but deep down inside, I know the woman with the wicked sense of humor approved… so yeah, fuck the haters.

Sorry about the nightmares. Amy loves you. x